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I am a 22 year man. Once I had a unprotected sex. After that my penis secretes a white stuff like dirt at the top part of the penis. Is it a symptom of an infection or it is normal?


The white stuff coming from the end of your penis is most likely pus, which is a symptom of an infection. You need to see your doctor immediate to get treatment before the disease causes damage inside your body. Even if the pus stops coming out of your penis, it doesn't mean the infection has gone away.

What type of infection is this? Is it a major disease or anything else?

I have no way of testing the disease type. There are a number that include pus coming from the penis: chlamydia, gonorrhea, trichomonas, genital herpes, or even an yeast infection can be a cause. Some of these can cause significant damage to your body if left untreated.