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I searched on net and found that pre-cum is caused by weak nerves and caused by masturbation. Will masturbation cause any problems?


This makes a good illustration that just because you find something on the Internet doesn't make it true. Sources have to be checked to see if they are reliable and accurate. Someone's posting on a forum is nothing more than a rumor. A hospital or medical doctor's website would provide factual information regarding the human body.

Pre-ejaculate fluid is produced by your Cowper's glands. These are two small pea-size glands just below your prostate gland. The fluid produced by the Cowper's glands serve several roles in reproduction.

  • The fluid is slick, so it lubricates the urethra (the tube in your penis). Thus, when you ejaculate semen, it doesn't stick to the urethra but slides on out as a package.
  • The excess fluid provides a small amount of lubrication for the glans at the end of your penis, making intercourse easier.
  • The fluid is alkaline, which neutralizes any leftover urine that might be in the urethra before ejaculation. Urine is acidic and can damage sperm.
  • It also physically sweeps the urethra out by pushing anything in the tube toward the opening.

In other words, dripping pre-ejaculate fluid (pre-cum) is how God designed the male body to work. It is not a disease or a problem. It is not caused by "weak nerves" (whatever that is). It is related to masturbation only because in order to masturbate you have to get sexually aroused, which triggers the Cowper's glands to start producing lubricant.