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Can I regain my lost hair? I'm a 19 year old boy. I have dandruff problems. I have recovered from that, so will my lost hair also be recovered not?


Dandruff is caused by a fungus that is naturally in the air. Using a shampoo that contains zinc typically is able to keep the fungus under control. However, dandruff does not cause hair loss.

There are several reasons why teenage boys loss hair. The most common cause is simply the fact that you are male and produce testosterone. The hair follicles on your head can be sensitive to a by-product of testosterone called DHT. This forms the typical pattern of lost hair, such as a receding hair line or thining at the crown of the head.

A less common problem is where you have a round or oval patch without hair. This is called Alopecia Areata. While the cause is not certain, the symptoms can be treated most of the time by a doctor and it is possible for your hair to regrow.

Other rare causes are hormonal problems which have hair loss as a side-effect. These usually can be reversed when the hormonal problem is corrected.

There are legitimate products that you can try, such as Rogaine, to see if it might make a difference. Some products are expensive, and you always need to consider carefully the side-effects. For example, one legitimate hair loss product that I was reading about does work, but in its side-effects it states that you would lose your desire for sex and the ability to have sex. I would think baldness would be preferable to that.