The Boys' Growing Up in the Lord

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I am a 12-year-old boy. I think my soccer coach abused me because he told me that I will play better if he plays with my wiener. He says it will make it grow. Is he right, or should I tell my mother or my teacher?


Technically, inappropriate talk is not abuse. However, what your coach suggested should not have been said. It indicates that he is a potential sexual predator. You need to tell your mother and your teacher. Even if he doesn't say anything more, there might be other boys that he is mistreating and who are afraid to speak up.

First off, playing with your penis will not make you play better in any sport, nor will it make your penis grow. Your penis is going to grow on its own because you are getting older.

My best friend said to tell our teacher so I am going to.

I'm glad your best friend and I happen to agree about this matter. You should also let your mother know.

I will but IAM kinda of scared I want get to play soccer anymore

Most likely this man won't be your coach anymore, but they will find another man to take his place or your mom will find another team for you to play on. You're safety is more important at this moment.