The Boys' Growing Up in the Lord

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Why does my voice still break? My voice got deeper a year ago, but it still cracks to this day. All of my friends voices got deeper like me but their voices don't break. So why me?


You're drawing conclusions based on a lack of evidence. You like with your voice 24-hours a day. You only hear your friend's voices briefly in comparison. How do you know they are not also experiencing breakage at times?

What the breaks indicate is that your voice is continuing to get lower in range. Yes, it got deeper a year ago, but I would suspect that if you heard a recording of you from a year ago and compared it to your current voice, you will notice that your tones are even lower than they were before. Eventually you'll reach your final range and a few months after that your brain will finally figure out how to best adjust your voice. Even then, there are going to be times when it will break again. It usually happens when you get excited or nervous and aren't thinking about sounding "manly." But after a while, even those brief breaks will disappear.