The Boys' Growing Up in the Lord

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Study Questions

  1. When did you first notice that you had reached puberty?
  2. List seven things that will change as you go through adolescence.
  3. What is testosterone?
  4. What causes spontaneous erections?
  5. When do many boys begin to shave?
  6. Why is it that two 13 year olds will be at different points in their maturation even though they are the same age?
  7. What causes clumsiness in teenagers?
  8. Why do teenage boys voices squeak?

Class Discussion

Note: See the question and answer section below. All answers are not directly posted to this page. They will be screened to remove inappropriate words and personal identifying information.

  • When did you first notice that you had reached puberty?
  • What problems have spontaneous erections caused you?
  • When did you begin to shave?
  • Has clumsiness been a problem?
  • Did your voice changing cause you problems?
  • Did you have problems with temporary breast swelling?
  • How did you handle being teased because of changes to your body?


How Tall Will I Be?

Because of the frequent requests for estimates on how tall a person will be, I added a page which contains calculators to predict your adult height. Click on the question above to do your own estimates.

Tanner Stage Calculator for Boys

It seems that many wonder what will happen next: am I still growing, is my penis going to get bigger, have I started puberty yet? This page asks a number of questions and estimates at what stage in development that you are in.

Your Questions

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