The Boys' Growing Up in the Lord

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Study Questions

Male Reproductive Organs - Side View, Unlabeled

  1.  Using the cut-away drawing of your sex organs, name as many parts as you can:
    1. _
    2. _
    3. _
    4. _
    5. _
    6. _
    7. _
    8. _
    9. _
  2. Why do your penis and scrotum constantly change size?
  3. Why does one testicle hang lower than the other?
  4. What do the seminal vesicles produce and what happens when they become full?
  5. What happens inside your body to cause an erection?
  6. What is circumcision?
  7. What causes arousals? How do you know you are aroused?
  8. What are night wettings? What causes them?
  9. What is masturbation?
  10. What was Onan's sin?

Class Discussion

Note: See the question and answer section below. All answers are not directly posted to this page. They will be screened to remove inappropriate words and personal identifying information.

  • Can masturbation be a sin?
  • Have you noticed something about your body that you don't understand why it functions as it does?
  • Are you experiencing a problem, but not certain if you should see a doctor?

Your Questions

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