The Boys' Growing Up in the Lord

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Study Questions

  1. What causes body odors?
  2. List at least three ways to cut down on various body odors.
  3. What is smegma? Why is it important to wash it off?
  4. What causes jock itch and athlete's foot? How can you reduce the frequency of out breaks?
  5. When do many men begin to shave?
  6. Why are people circumcised? Is it necessary to be circumcised?

Class Discussion

Note: See the question and answer section below. All answers are not directly posted to this page. They will be screened to remove inappropriate words and personal identifying information.

  • What have you used that helps your acne?
  • Who taught you to shave?
  • When did you begin to shave?
  • Were you circumcised? If so, when?
  • Have you noticed something that you are uncertain whether you should see a doctor about it?

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