The Boys' Growing Up in the Lord

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Study Questions

  1. Using the following verses, answer these questions: Who danced? With whom did they dance? Why were they dancing? Was it like modern dances?
    • Exodus 15:20-21
    • I Samuel 18:6-7
    • Psalms 30:11
    • II Samuel 6:14-23
    • Job 21:11-12
    • Exodus 32:6,19
  2. What is the purpose of today's dances? (Justify your answer)
  3. Should a Christian participate in modern dances? Why or why not?

Class Discussion

Note: See the question and answer section below. All answers are not directly posted to this page. They will be screened to remove inappropriate words and personal identifying information.

  • Are there dances that a Christian could safely participate in?
  • Would it be right for a Christian to go to the prom?
  • Why do people dance? Is the reason good?

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