Hello, I have a few questions. I took the "Tanner Scale Calculator," and if I did it correctly, I am at stage 3.1. My breasts are not shapped like a women's breasts, they are somewhat pointy, (not round), but it extends beyond the areola, and they are very small. (I don't even fit into an A cup) Is this normal for stage 3? And when will my breasts be more like a women's  breasts? Also, at what stage does a girl start her period? And when should I expect to get mine?


Stages 2, 3, and 4 last about a year each in women. If the estimate is accurate, you should see your growth spurt in three to six months. About half of the girls start menstruating before their growth spurt in stage 2. The other half start menstruating after their growth spurt in stage 4. So far your growth sounds to be perfectly normal.