Hey! I'm 16. I've had my period since I was 11. My question is: how come one of my nipples has a hole in it and the other one doesn't? I think this is pretty strange. Should I go to the doctor and get it checked out? Or is there something wrong with me?


Even though we have two sides, the two sides do not perfectly match. Each eye, ear, arm, or leg doesn't exactly match the other -- though they come very close.

Your nipples actually have multiple holes back to the mammary glands which produce the milk for your eventual babies. Since these passages aren't in general use, they are pressed closed by the skin surrounding them -- a good thing since you don't want bacteria getting into the mammary glands and causing an infection. A few of the passageways may be naturally larger and more visible, but it doesn't mean the others don't exist. The suction of a nursing child pulls the milk from the glands to the surface, regardless of the size of the opening.

Unless there is pain, an oozing discharge, or a growing lump in your breast, there is no need to see a doctor about this.