Study Questions

  1. Where did sex come from? Give two purposes for sex.
  2. Who was told to have sex?
  3. Why shouldn't a husband withhold sex from his wife?
  4. What are the five stages of sex?
  5. When is sex a sin?
  6. What is fornication? What is adultery?
  7. Give three reasons why we must wait until marriage to have sex.
  8. All sins are against God, but fornication and adultery are also sins against something else. What is it?
  9. What passage of Scripture tells us that lewd gestures, filthy language, and dirty jokes are wrong? Why are they wrong

Class Discussion

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  • Why would sex between unmarried people be wrong?
  • Why would it be wrong for a wife to have sex with someone who is not her husband?
  • Why is it a good reason to wait until marriage to have sex?
  • Are you planning to wait until marriage to have sex?
  • Have you experimented with sex before marriage?
  • What should you do if you had sex before marriage?

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