Study Questions

  1. What is a prostitute?
  2. How does a prostitute attract customers?
  3. How can you avoid appearing to be a prostitute?
  4. Why do some women engage in prostitution?
  5. Fornication is not only a sin against God, it is also a sin against who?
  6. What are the physical consequences of being a prostitute?
  7. Recall the man who let men rape his wife in Judges 19. While not excusing his sin, what caused him to lose his affection for his wife (see Judges 19:2)?

Class Discussion

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  • Why would the possibility of being caught make sins more appealing?
  • Why is it difficult to stop sinning once you start?
  • What excuses do people give to justify being a prostitute? Are they legitimate?
  • Why is prostitution associated with so many diseases?
  • What are the spiritual damages caused by having sex with a prostitute?

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