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Growing Up in the Lord for GirlsWritten by the same author, this site focuses on the issues girls have with their sexuality.


Boys Under Attack This site contains a lot of useful information. While it is presented from a “Christian” viewpoint, it severely lacks any biblical information. There are several denominational views presented throughout the site. The information about developing sexuality and temporary male orientation is excellent; however, in recent revisions, the author has accepted the secular definition of homosexuality that includes finding males attractive. This isn’t a biblical definition. The result is that there are places where it almost sounds like he is approving of homosexuality when he is really talking about homosexual temptation. Recently there have been a few images placed on the site that are not appropriate. Use this site with caution.

When and Where Do Youths Have Sex? The Potential Role of Adult Supervision A study, done in 2002, shows that teenagers are more involved in sexual activity and drugs when they are left without adult supervision. The most sexual activity takes place in a home setting when adults are not present.

The Body

Male Reproductive Organs A well-done medical health site with 3-D images of the human body.

Skeletal Age A chart and description of what is examined to determine a child’s bone age.

Now All Boys Must Be Checked This site contains details about penial problems, such as pain with erections. It is mainly for uncircumcised men, though it contains information about some problems that arise from improper circumcisions. It is fairly deep in medical terminology. If you need help understanding the information, just write to me. Please be aware that this is not a site written from a Christian’s point of view. There are references to sex before marriage (fornication).

Modest Clothing

The Rebelution Modesty Survey An informal national survey of young men on the issue of what is perceived to be modest attire in women