A couple of times I lose control and ejaculate when I’m around my girlfriend

Last updated on September 23, 2020


I find myself becoming aroused whenever I am around my girlfriend and a couple of times recently I have even ejaculated when with her. This has only happened when I hold her and she is not coming in contact with my penis. I just seem to lose all control. I don’t think it’s normal to ejaculate in these situations. I really like her and want to be around her, but now I find myself timid and fearful of what could happen when we are together. How can I deal with this?


Pre-Ejaculate or precum

I have found in the past that some boys confuse pre-ejaculate dripping from their penis for semen. Pre-ejaculate is clear and comes whenever you are aroused strongly. Semen is thicker, opaque, and is ejaculate with an orgasm. It requires touching to trigger an ejaculation, but there are times your pants can provide the touch. Typically this only would happen if it has been a long time since you last ejaculated.

My guess is that you are seeing pre-ejaculate fluid. If so, there isn’t a whole lot you can do since that system is automatic. One trick is to put a paper napkin or tissue over the end of your penis to absorb the fluid, but you have to remember to replace it — otherwise, it soaks through. And it doesn’t always work since the penis moves. Another is to simply wear baggy clothing that covers up the wet spot. Fortunately, pre-ejaculate fluid dries up quickly and doesn’t leave a stain.