Am I at the start or end of stage 4?

Last updated on January 12, 2023


What Tanner stage am I actually in? I have just turned 16, but I’m not sure if I have finished Tanner stage 4 or have started it. I am currently 5’5. From age 14 to 15 I grew about 3 inches and from 15 to 16 I grew 2 inches. My pubic hair forms a triangle shape but I’m pretty sure it does not go to the inner thighs. I do have hair that trails to my stomach, but it is a bit hard to see. Apart from that, I don’t really have much hair on my chest or stomach and I have very little hair on my face that can’t really be seen. My testicle size is also 4 cm, maybe 0.1 cm more. I also started growing armpit hair when I was 15.

Based on this information could I still grow an inch or 2?


This would be a guess on my part since I can’t verify the information you mentioned.

It sounds like you are at the start of stage 4. This is based on what you said about your hair growth. Your testicle size, assuming it is accurate, would put you at the start of stage 4 as well.