Am I done growing?


Good day, minister,

I’m writing this letter concerning my growth. I started puberty at age 14, and I’ve only grown about 4 inches in height. I’ve searched, and it says you usually grow 8-10 inches throughout puberty. I’m 17 and at Tanner stage 3.8. I stand at 5’11, my dad is about 6’2, and my mom is about 5’8-9.

I’m contacting you to ask if I am done growing or I am not. If I’m not done growing, how do I maximize my potential, and how tall will I be?

Thanks for reading.


You are not done growing until you reach Tanner Stage 5, which will take over two years. Once you reach stage 4, which will take about another six months, your rapid growth will slow down. Even so, you will likely put on another 1 to 3 inches while you are in stage 4.

Since you are currently 5’11, I suspect you started puberty earlier than age 14 and have grown more than 4 inches. Boys in your family will be a minimum of 5’11, so you’ve reached the minimum already, and you are not done growing. For estimates, see Predicting Your Adult Height.

You grow best by being healthy. Therefore, eat a good variety of food, avoid junk food, and exercise.