Can a mole be removed from the shaft of the penis?

Last updated on October 3, 2020



I have a sort of embarrassing question: I’ve had a flat mole on the shaft of my penis for years. It’s a bit dark and very noticeable, and I don’t like it. Would a doctor be able to remove it without it leaving a noticeable scar? If not the doctor, who can I go to?

Another question I have is regarding penis growth: I think I read somewhere on your website that it typically gets thicker somewhere around stage 4? I’m around halfway through stage 3 according to the test. I’ve already grown in length, but no thickness. Can I expect some in stage 4? Is there an average to how much thicker one can get at stage 4 or is it just a roll of the dice?


The kind of doctor you need to see is a dermatologist. This is a doctor who specializes in problems of the skin. Any surgery will leave some scar, but a dermatologist will make sure it is minimal.

The increase in girth comes during stage 4, so you will have to wait until your development reaches that point. The average male’s girth when erect is just shy of 5 inches in circumference when fully erect. What you will end up with will be based on the genes you inherited from your parents.