Can ejaculating too often lead to zinc deficiency?

Last updated on October 11, 2020


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I want to ask a different question: What do you think about ejaculating daily or multiple times a day? I have read in multiple renowned sources that each ejaculation contains about 0.5 mg of zinc. The recommended amount for adults to consume is around 11 mg. Assuming a high frequency of ejaculation, like four times a day, that would probably equate to a 2 mg loss or slightly lower. Even if we assume that the average diet is enough to reach 11 mg of zinc daily, which is disputable, don’t you think that ejaculating that frequently would reduce it to 9 mg, which could be considered a form of zinc deficiency? It’s important to note that zinc deficiency is linked to mood disorders, psychosis, and other problems. Don’t you think that teenagers who already consume a poor diet, if coupled with an excessive and addictive ejaculation frequency of 5-6 times would be zinc deficient and would have the problems associated with that deficiency?

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I found a study called “Effects of Dietary Zinc Depletion on Seminal Volume and Zinc Loss, Serum Testosterone Concentrations, and Sperm Morphology in Young Men” (wonderful name, isn’t it?). Eleven young men were feed diets of varying amounts of zinc and the results were carefully measured. When a man has far too little zinc in his diet, the amount of semen that he produces is reduced — less semen means less total zinc leaves the body. His testosterone levels also decrease — less testosterone means milder sexual desire. In other words, when the body doesn’t have enough zinc it gears down to conserve the zinc it has.

I noted that while there were numerous “panic” claims in many forums, there were no actual medical facts being cited. You only found repeated assertions.

Can zinc deficiency cause problems? Yes. But what wasn’t proven is that frequent masturbation causes zinc to be depleted. The assertions I saw ignore the regulatory systems of the body.

Next, I located a study that calculated the amount of zinc people consume broken down by gender and age [“Zinc Intake of the U.S. Population: Findings from the Third National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, 1988–1994“, The Journal of Nutrition, 1 May 2000.] It turns out that teenage males average about 12.2 to 12.9 mg of zinc daily in their diet. By the time they become adults that rises to 13.2 to 15.3 mg of zinc daily. So while many teenagers eat poorly, it is not affecting their zinc consumption as much as being claimed.

I only have anecdotal evidence based on what people write to make about, but what I’ve noticed is that most teenage males do ejaculate more frequently than adult males, but not excessively. However, they do experience short periods where they seem to be on a testosterone high and ejaculate multiple times a day. Since these are short bursts, I don’t think there is an issue with a loss of zinc.