Can hypothyroidism stunt your growth?

Last updated on October 7, 2020



I’m 18 and recently went to the doctor to get a blood test. It turns out my thyroid level was slightly lower than the recommended level. The normal level is between 11-20 and I was at 10.5. My question is: Does that mean this could have stunted my growth? If it did, does it mean I could still grow if my levels were back to normal?

Thanks in advance.


Low thyroid hormone levels are called hypothyroidism. And, yes, it can impact a person’s growth and development. “A low thyroid can interfere with normal growth and development and even put puberty on hold” [Sari Harrar, “5 Surprising Facts about “Low Thyroid” in Children and Teens”]. Re-balancing your hormone levels usually allow growth to continue. Whether it will for you depends a lot on whether you’ve completed your development or not. If you have already reached stage 5, where the growth plates on your bones have closed, then correcting your hormone problem will not restart your growth. However, if your growth has been slow or has paused and you have not yet reached stage 5, then your growth will restart.