Can you answer some questions about my development?



I turn 12 in 3 months. Here’s some info about me:

  • I’m 5’7. Last year I was 5’3. I’m 125 pounds.
  • My scrotum hangs a little bit and has no hair on it.
  • My penis is 5 and a half inches when erect. I don’t know the girth.
  • I can’t see any hair on my pubic area, which is wild because I can feel it and my hair is a lot darker than my skin.
  • I’ve never had a voice crack in my life, but my voice is deeper than it was two years ago.
  • I have really long-looking legs.
  • I think I’m at 3.3 on the Tanner Scale.

My questions are:

  • How tall will I be when I grow up? My mom is 5’11, my dad is 6’5, and my sister is 5’7.
  • How big might my penis be when I’m an adult?
  • Why can’t I see my pubes?
  • Why didn’t I have a voice crack?
  • When did I start puberty?
  • Does puberty make you physically stronger?


Please keep in mind that I’m basing my answers on what you’ve told me and a few logical guesses. I can’t correct any mistaken assumptions you might have since I obviously can’t see you.

Using the KGH method found under Predicting Your Adult Height, it looks like you’ll be somewhere between 6’5 and 6’7 when you reach your adult height.

A man’s penis size is not easily predicted. Every attempt so far has failed. Just as a tall man can have small feet and a short man can have large feet, a man’s penis size can vary quite a bit. It is clear that you are in your growth spurt (Stage 3) and it is during this stage that the penis grows the most in length. Your current length is already above the average for an adult and since you are still in Stage 3, it is likely your penis will grow longer.

Since you said you can feel your pubic hair, though you cannot currently see them, is due to the hairs being in the process of changing from vellus hairs (which are basically colorless) to terminal hairs. Just before vellus hairs start to take on color, they grow long (commonly called “peach fuzz”). I suspect that is what you are feeling. Keep in mind that a man’s pubic hair isn’t always the same color as the hair on his head. Normally this change starts in Stage 2 but your pubic hair is slightly delayed, which is not uncommon.

Though your voice has started to change, the major changes typically happen around Stage 4, so you may experience voice cracking in a year to two years.

Assuming your estimate is accurate, you would have started puberty about 2 to 2.5 years ago, so around the age of 9. This is on the early end of the range of normal development.

Puberty is the beginning of the period when your body changes from a child form to an adult form. A larger body gives you better leverage so you can move heavier things. But another change will be the development of your muscles, which typically starts in Stage 4. At that point, you should see a significant change in your strength.


Thank you, minister.