Can you predict how much my penis will grow?


I’m 17 years old. I feel like I started puberty around a year ago because that’s when my voice finally started getting deeper. But I didn’t pay enough attention to my penis to know when my balls began to drop. I’ve grown in height over the last 2 years rapidly though. I’m 6’4 but I recently grew 2 inches around 2 1/2 months ago. I seem to be getting the signs of puberty, but I haven’t had the penis growth in length or width. I have plenty of hair, but thankfully, it has not spread to my inner thighs. I have a baby face and the most noticeable hair on my body is my armpit hair. A small amount of hair on my legs and arms and none on my face. I have produced semen. But I’m only concerned about penis growth. Will my penis grow and if so, can you predict how much? The Tanner Stage Calculator says I’m at stage 3.6, so hopefully, that’s in my favor. Also how much can the male penis grow, can it grow an inch in a year?


Puberty is defined as the time you start changing from a child’s body to a man’s body. At 6’4″ with body hair and the ability to ejaculate semen, you reached puberty several years ago, but like most boys, you didn’t pay attention to the changes at first.

I don’t have enough information to guess whether the answer you received on the Tanner Stage Calculator is accurate. My gut feeling is that the estimate is too low. But since I can’t see you, I can’t tell you by how much or whether you answered any question incorrectly.

Most of a boy’s penis growth in length comes in stage 3 and most of the growth in width comes in stage 4. One of the things you left off was just how long your penis currently is. People naturally judge the size of something by comparing it to something else. Since you are quite large, an average sized penis might look small to you in comparison to your body size. Therefore, instead of dealing with relative sizes, let’s discuss the actual numbers. Penis size is measured when you are fully erect. The length is measured along the top from groin to tip. The girth is measured at the widest point around the penis.