Did I reach my growth spurt?


Did I hit my growth spurt?

My Tanner score is 3.5.

I have 5 strands of armpit hair on my right arm. My arm hair started growing 1 month ago. I have a faint mustache. Pubic hair has spread across my pubic area and it is really dense.

My penis is 3.5 inches flaccid and 6 inches erect.

My voice is kind of deep and my voice box is visible.

My legs look proportionate to my torso. My weight is 58 kg.

My growth pattern: 

  • 13.5 – 159 cm (I think puberty started around here)
  • 14 – 164 cm (pubic hair came in around the age of 14.5)
  • 15 – 170 cm (acne started around this time)
  • 16 – 176 cm (armpit hair appeared)
  • 16.5 – 180 cm (approximately)

Can I reach 185 cm? My mum’s height is 155 cm. My dad’s height is 173 to 175 cm. I am Vietnamese.


You are in the middle of your rapid growth, which for you seems to be about 8 cm per year. You still have roughly another year in this stage before your growth slows down and then progresses to a full stop over the next two years when you reach the end of stage 4. You won’t be growing constantly during this time. Your body has to take breaks from making you taller to work on your internal organs and muscles.

The KGH method of prediction indicates you will be between 181 and 191 cm by the time you are done growing. It is most confident that your final adult height will be 186 cm.