Do late bloomers and ectomorphs correlate?


Do late bloomers and ectomorphs correlate? Also, can you get big as an ectomorph? And do ectomorphs have muscles since they have testosterone?


Late bloomers tend to have an ectomorph body shape. The reasons are:

  • Since they start their growth spurt later than their peers, they grow from a taller point and so they tend to be taller.
  • Since they start their growth late, often they reach the cut-off point for growth before fully developing, so their shoulders tend to be narrower for their body proportions. This gives late-bloomers a lean look.

But what stands out with ectomorphs is their higher metabolism. While there is a correlation between late bloomers and being an ectomorph, it is not absolute and the reason for the correlation is not fully understood.

From Reddit

The faster metabolism means that it is easier for an ectomorph to lose body fat and get a ripped look. However, because their frames are narrower, the muscles won’t fill out their frames as noticeably. Also, the higher metabolism means that they don’t build large muscles easily.