Do you think I can grow 10 inches more and get into the NBA?

Last updated on September 11, 2020



I just wanted to ask if it is possible to grow 10 inches taller, which is 6’8, than my dad who is 5’10, and mom 5’2. I am currently 5’9 and had only one growth spurt at 12 when my voice cracked and my hands became longer. I feel that if I get all nutrients in the diet below. I am a basketball player on the school team and club team and I want to make it to the NBA with my best effort no matter what. My plan is to grow 15 cm from the diet, 10 cm from sleeping at least 8+ hrs a day, and 5 cm from reflexology of the pituitary gland. Do you think this is at all possible to reach 203 cm when I am right now 176? My family genes are no more than 6 ft being the tallest great-granddad.

Please answer back.


Eating well and keeping a healthy schedule will help you reach your maximum growth potential, but you cannot force your body to grow beyond what your genes dictate will be your height.

If you take the average of your parent’s height (5’6), a boy will have genes to let him grow between that average and up to ten inches more (6’4 in your case). You are in that range, though that doesn’t say where your maximum height that you inherited is actually at.

The better question is where are you in your development (see the Tanner Stage Calculator). Stage 3 is where a boy puts in the most growth. It sounds like you developed a bit early. You didn’t say how old you are now, but I’m guessing you are probably in stage 4. If that is true, a person in stage 4 typically only grows 1 to 3 inches more before growth stops. Once the growth stops, there is no restarting it.

Being tall isn’t all it takes to be on the NBA. See Top 10 Shortest NBA Basketball Players. You are already taller or as tall as six of the players mentioned in this list. Focus on your abilities because that is within your control instead of focusing on what you cannot change.


On the Tanner scale I was between a 3.5 and 3.8 I check my height every day and it seems to be increasing. My feet size is too when I wear my sandals. I am 15. I might look older but maybe it is because of my race. I do have facial hair but not thick, and it does not grow everywhere and still looks childish. Would that mean I can still make it?


Measuring doesn’t make you grow and measuring daily is a bit obsessive. Once a month is plenty often and far enough about that you might notice some difference.

According to the calculator, you are still growing rapidly; but it is beginning to slow down, though it is still faster than your childhood rate of growth. I really doubt you’ll get ten more inches of growth at this point.