Do you think I might reach 5’10”?

Last updated on March 27, 2023


Good afternoon,

I was wondering when I might have started puberty and how much growth I have left. I am currently at stage 3.9.

  • Right around my 12th birthday, I started noticing pubic hair.
  • At around 12 and 4 months, I developed gynecomastia. Shortly after that, I could ejaculate, but it would dribble out and not shoot out.
  • Around 12 1/2, I started noticing fine hairs under my arms that were only noticeable in good lighting.
  • Just after my 13th birthday, my armpit hair became noticeable and a bit thicker, but not that dense.
  • At 13, my voice started to crack occasionally. My voice started cracking more as time went on.
  • At 13 1/2, I noticed hairs on my upper lip that were somewhat noticeable.
  • Shortly before I turned 14, I started getting acne, but not a huge amount.
  • Around 14 1/2, my voice got a little deeper, but my voice still cracks frequently and is definitely not as deep as an adult’s. It changes a little bit throughout the day.
  • At 14 and 8 months, my acne got a little bit worse.

Here is my growth chart:

  • 12.0: 4’10”
  • 13.0: 5’1″
  • 13.5: 5’4″
  • 14.0: 5’5.5″
  • 14.5: 5’7.5″

One of the height calculators on the website (the one that uses your sitting height) said I would be 5’10”. Does that seem accurate?

Also, my peak height velocity was at age 13.6 if that helps.


Pubic hairs typically are seen in the middle of stage 2, so that would mean you started puberty around the age of 11. I would assume that it was semen that you had dribbling out at age 12. That is not unusual, since all the parts of your reproductive system had not yet fully developed. Many guys start releasing semen in the later part of stage 2.

By age 13, you are definitely in stage 3. Underarm hair and hair on your upper lip are all traits of being in stage 3. You were growing at a rate of about 6 inches per year around 13.5, so that also matches being in stage 3. It is not uncommon for the voice to start changing in stage 3, though that is usually considered a trait of stage 4.

Your rate of growth slowed down to 4 inches per year when you turned 14, so that is a sign that you are approaching stage 4. If we assume about two years per stage, you are right on target for reaching stage 4 around the age of 15. You will likely be done growing in height by the age of 17.

Guys typically grow an additional 1 to 3 inches during their two years in stage 4, so it does sound like you may get close to 5’10” by the time you have finished growing.



About when might I reach stage 4? I think I’m having a pause in my growth right now because I have not grown in about 2 months. Will I grow at an accelerated rate again for a little bit before reaching stage 4? Or will my growth not resume until I reach stage 4?


Bodies don’t watch clocks like you and I do. But as I stated, you will probably be reaching stage 4 around the age of 15.

Realize that you shot up quite a bit in stage 3. Your body needs some time to grow your internal organs to match your new height. Since there is limited energy available, your growth in height paused while other things are growing. Your growth in height will resume — exactly when is something I can’t predict. This is why we look at growth over 6 months or a year and not growth from month to month.