Do you think my growth with start again after three years?

Last updated on September 24, 2020



I wanted to ask you a question about my height. I want to know: How likely do you think it is that I continue to grow taller?

I am 21 years old, so normally I would assume that I will not grow any taller. However, I am a late bloomer so I am thinking I might still end up growing taller. My father was 6’ 2” tall in his prime and my mother was 5’ 6 3/4” tall. Right now I am 5’ 11” tall. I have always been way behind other kids my age in terms of development. I didn’t have the traditional rapid growth spurt. Instead, I grew more steadily all throughout high school. Upon entering high school when I just turned 14, I was 5’ 4” tall. When I turned 18 years old after I graduated high school I was 5’ 11” tall like I am now. So it has been three years, and I have not grown any taller. I do know of cases where boys have grown taller in their earlier twenties. For example, I met a man who was 6’ 5” tall and he said that he was 6’ 1” tall at age 21 and he had another growth spurt of 4”. So I know it’s possible. I take after my mother and she was also a late bloomer because she didn’t have her period until she was age 14 and didn’t develop breast until she was 22 years old. Everybody thinks I am a good 4 years younger than I am because I do not look 21. When I was a senior in high school I was asked if I was a freshman and just recently at the airport the woman behind the counter was surprised when I went to reach for my license because she didn’t think I was 18. Even went I was at the dermatologist for my acne when I was almost 19 he thought I was like 15. 

Here’s where I am so far developmentally: I am a 4.7 according to the Tanner scale. I am starting to get a little chest hair but I still do not have hair above my lip even though I can shave (although I do not have a heavy beard). I have never masturbated but I didn’t start ejaculating in my sleep until I was about 16 years old and only a small little spot would be in my underwear. Now that I am older the spot is much bigger but I think the liquid is still very clear. 

So do you think there is still a decent chance that I may grow a few inches taller? I appreciate any information you can give me!


While you were a bit late in developing, you were not so unusually late as to be considered a late bloomer. Given the time you started growing, finishing at 18 would be about the right time. Given that you have stopped for so long and that you are getting a number near 5, I suspect you are no longer growing.