Does ejaculation cause any loss of strength or hinder physical training?

Last updated on September 15, 2020



I would like to ask a question regarding masturbation. I am 24 years old (male). I go to the gym regularly and bodybuilding is my passion. What I want to ask is does ejaculation lead to energy loss or weakness in the body? Does it lead to a reduction in strength or power or hinders physical training? Does it reduce the muscle gain I’ve achieved to some extent? Does it have any kind of negative impact on the body? Will my workouts be affected by this in any way?

I have to deliberately ejaculate sometimes (once or twice a week). If I don’t and try to suppress it, then there is a constant feeling of irritation and restlessness inside the body as if something keeps on moving inside the stomach. I have to do this because I need to, not that I want to. I’m not into porn stuff or anything related to it and try to keep my thoughts as pure as I can. But since I’m forced to ejaculate, which started at the age of 16, I’m really concerned whether it will affect my workouts and body.

I’m desperately waiting for your reply. You are doing a superb job helping out people like me. Thanks a lot.


Ejaculation is a physical action of the male body. It delivers semen, which contains sperm, during sex in order to conceive children. But to do this well, the male body must deliver fresh semen. This means that the body must constantly produce new semen since the physical body has no idea when it will be called upon for sex. Your body has no idea that you are not married yet.

Semen takes time to produce, so there is a storage area in the two glands that produce semen (the seminal vesicles). This way it will have enough semen available when the time comes. However, there are limits to how much can be stored. As the seminal vesicles get full, chemical signals are sent out that you perceive as an increase in your interest in sexual things. The longer this signal is ignored, the stronger it becomes, until it starts intruding on your thoughts.

Ejaculation is the way the body gets rid of the excess semen to make room for fresher semen. Most young men need to ejaculate anywhere from once a day to once a month. The typical frequency is about twice a week. It can due to your hormone levels and how often you get sexually aroused.

Besides relieving the seminal vesicles of excess semen, ejaculation also triggers a series of hormones. The main one, at orgasm, gives a momentary extreme feeling of pleasure. As this signal fades, it leaves you feeling relaxed and sleepy. The signal from the seminal vesicles drops off rapidly. Many guys feel guilty for a short period because the desire for sex suddenly disappears. This period is necessary for the body to recuperate from ejaculation, allowing it to rest a bit before being able to have sex again. For young men, the recuperation period can be as short as a few minutes, though an hour or two is more typical. As you get older the recuperation period gets longer, up into the range of days.

The only impact ejaculating would have in sports is immediately after orgasm as the chemicals in the body push you to relax. But this period only lasts an hour or so at most. After that, your body behaves as normal. But having regular ejaculations also keeps the hormones for sexual desire down which can interrupt your focus on the tasks at hand.

Clearly ejaculating has not harmed you in any way over all these years. Nor has it harmed any other male. Keep in mind that every adolescent and adult male ejaculates.

There is no physical harm in ejaculating. The body does need to ejaculate semen and if you try to ignore it, instinct will eventually take over. Either you’ll have a wet dream, where you masturbate in your sleep, or an ejaculation will just come when you least expect it, though few young men can last that long.

The dangers in masturbating come from young men pursuing masturbation, not as taking care of a bodily need, but as a goal in itself. Pornography becomes tempting because it causes sexual arousal and thus makes masturbating easier. But pornography warps the mind, changing a guy’s perception of what sex is and how he looks at women. This is why pornography is a sin. Thus what you are doing is the correct way to keep control over yourself. With your body under control, you can keep your thoughts under control as well.


Thank you very much for your quick response. I really appreciate it. You have cleared my doubts. Thanks to all those who are maintaining this web site.


Me, myself and I all thank you for the kind words. 🙂