Does every parent have sex to have children?


Recently, I was wondering whether every parent has sex to have children? I don’t believe that with my parents. They are asexual, I think.


Despite the photo evidence, I realize that it is hard to imagine your parents as once being young. Yet, at one time your father was your age. He dealt with sexual feelings, just like you. At some point he married your mother and, yes, they had sex.

Not all parents are able to have children. Some adopt children. Some end up with children because they marry someone who already had children. Some have to use a medical procedure to end up with children. But, in general, a child is conceived because a man and a woman had sex. Ideally, those couples are married and provide a proper home for their children.

As people age, their bodies start to fail in different ways. For some, the sexual functions are impacted. Thus, sex becomes less frequent. But in the vast majority of cases, parents just keep their sexual life hidden from their children.