Does hair growth always sync up with the rest of growth?



I am wondering about hair. Developmentally, I thought I might be at stage three, with a height of five foot three inches. My penis has an erect length of about 4.5 inches. I already have thick pubes that I shave, with a 1/8 in. stubble in a day. I have no facial hair, but my armpit is on par with what I’ve seen as average for my age. Does hair growth always sync up with the rest of the growth, and what is the average adult length of the penis?

Thank you.


Each system in your body develops in a defined way, but there are some variations between systems. Your height is a result of your bone growth. It is not directly connected to your pubic hair growth, but you can get a rough approximation from your pubic hair. The accuracy increases with the number of systems examined. That is why the Development Stage Calculator asks questions about a number of your body systems.

The average length of a fully-grown adult is 5.25 inches. The typical range goes from 3 inches to 8 inches.