Does masturbation cause acne?

Last updated on September 20, 2020


Does masturbation cause acne?


This is another example of “If two things happen at nearly the same time, does one cause the other?”

A boy generally doesn’t masturbate until he starts producing semen. He doesn’t produce semen until he starts changing from a boy to a man. Typically semen begins to be produced either in stage 2 or stage 4 — about half the guys start in stage 2 and the rest in stage 4.

Acne begins showing up as a side-effect of growth. The body produces too much oils which have a tendency to clog the glands. Acne starts to appear in stage 3 and gets worse in stage 4 before it starts settling down.

In other words, both masturbating and acne are both results of the fact that a boy’s body is changing, but neither causes the other to happen.