Have I entered stage 4 yet?

Last updated on July 1, 2023


Im not sure if I have entered stage 4 or if my growth spurt paused but here are my answers for the calculator.

  • I am taller than I was last year (less than stage 5)
  • I had grown rapidly (late stage 3 or higher)
  • I have grown 2-8 inches in the last year (stage 3 or early stage 4)
  • I haven’t noticed any change, I have had the same amount of body fat my whole life (neutral)
  • My voice box (Adam’s apple) is getting noticeable (late stage 3 or stage 4)
  • My legs look long for my sized body (late stage 3 or early stage 4)
  • My half-height is below the base of my penis (late stage 3 or early stage 4)
  • My shoe size is still increasing but not as much as last year (stage 3 or higher)
  • I have noticeable hair on my legs but not on my arms (stage 3)
  • I have some armpit hair but it is not thick (stage 3)
  • One of my breasts looks swollen and sticks about a bit (stage 2 or higher)
  • There are hairs growing across my entire groin, which are thick and curly (stage 3 or higher)
  • I can see fine hairs on my upper lip but they get more noticeable when I wash my face and it is wet (stage 3)
  • My chin is more pronounced and square in shape than in childhood pictures (stage 4)
  • I’m starting to get a few pimples (early stage 4)
  • All my childhood teeth have been replaced by adult teeth (stage 3 to stage 5)
  • My scrotum distinctly hangs down when I’m warm (stage 3 or higher)
  • I get erections frequently, both during night and day (stage 2 or higher)
  • My penis has gotten longer and wider in the last year but mainly longer (early stage 4)
  • The head of my penis has gotten darker (stage 3 or higher)
  • My penis is 6 inches in length and 4.5 inches in girth (stage 4)
  • My testicle length is 3.4cm and 1.7cm in width (late stage 3)
  • My larger testicle is approximately 7-10ml (stage 3)
  • I haven’t had an ejaculation (stage 2 to 4)

I got a 3.8 on the calculator so does that sound right?


I added the stage ranges your answers indicate and 3.8 (late stage 3) sounds accurate.