How can I avoid getting shaving bumps?

Last updated on September 5, 2020


After I shave I get these bumps on my shaved area (shaving bumps). How can I manage not to get those bumps?



People with very curly hair have problems with shaving bumps. These bumps are typically caused by the razor lifting the hair, slicing it at an angle and the hair snaps back, either stabbing the skin or curling just under the surface. Worse, if bacteria is present then there is an opportunity for infection to set in.

If you are prone to shaving bumps, you will be better off using an electric shaver, specially the rotary kind. Electric shavers pinch off hair like scissors instead of the pull and slice of a standard razor.

If you must use a standard razor, shave right after you get out of the shower. First, your skin will be clean, which means less chance of infection. Second, your hair will be softened from the moisture so it will slice easier. Make sure you remoisten your face with as hot of water as you can stand. Then apply shaving cream to trap and further moisten your hairs. Shave in the direction your hair grows instead of against the grain. When you are prone to shaving bumps, you don’t want a close shave.

When you are done shaving, wash off the soap with a washcloth and then apply an aftershave lotion. This will both soothe the skin and kill some of the bacteria on the skin’s surface. Some people have found that aftershave containing witch hazel works well for this condition. Also rinse your blade thoroughly, dry it well, and then, as an extra precaution, wipe the blade with alcohol to kill any possible germs.

If you already have shaving bumps, stop shaving for a while and the skin will naturally heal. If you can keep a beard, you will be better off. Not shaving close, so that you keep a permanent “five o’clock shadow” will keep new bumps from forming.