How can I avoid sexual urges?



How can I avoid sexual urges?


You are a human being; thus, one aspect of being human past childhood is that you have a desire for sex. It is the way God made us. It is no different than having a desire to eat or a desire to drink. These desires serve a purpose. The desires to eat and drink remind us to fuel our bodies. The desire for sex reminds us to get married and have children. But for males, the desire also exists to spur our bodies to ejaculate semen.

Males produce semen constantly but their seminal vesicles can only hold so much before the excess needs to be ejaculated. As the seminal vesicles get full, the man’s desire for sex gets stronger. Once he ejaculates that desire decreases until the seminal vesicles refill. Again, this is the way God designed the male body.

Sadly, Satan tries to use our desires against us. He offers temptations to fulfill our desires but his offer requires us to break God’s commands (James 1:14-15). We cannot control Satan. We can’t stop him from tempting us.

Where we do have control is whether we accept the temptation or not. “Submit therefore to God. Resist the devil and he will flee from you” (James 4:7). When I get hungry, I have to find a way to satisfy that hunger without sinning. When my sexual urges rise, I have to find a way to relieve myself that doesn’t involve sin. But I cannot turn off my hunger just because it is inconvenient, nor can I turn off my sexual urges just because I don’t want to deal with them.