How can I control my obsessive attitude concerning sexual lusts?

Last updated on September 26, 2020


How can I control my obsessive attitude concerning sexual lusts? I really don’t want to not obsess about these things or anything, so how would I handle that?


Obsessiveness is something many teenagers face. It is a side-effect of your brain rewiring itself for adult-like thinking. For some teenagers, it can lead to obsessions or compulsive behaviors. These usually fade as you get older.

But realize that sex is a new concept and feeling for you. It is natural to want to explore its ramifications, even though there are a lot of dangers involved. Thus, like anything else, it is making God’s Word a part of your life that gives you the knowledge to make good decisions. “Your word I have hidden in my heart, that I might not sin against You!” (Psalms 119:11). What I would strongly recommend is a study of Proverbs. It is a book written to young men about the issues they must face and it talks about sexual issues repeatedly.


I will look into Proverbs! Right now I’ve been looking into John and Romans. I would honestly like to look in Proverbs by myself. It would really be easier, and I have people down here whom I trust spiritually.

Thanks for all you do I truly believe God has used you and this ministry to help multiple people, myself included. So I will try and get to you soon and tell you an update on myself.

You have helped me truly. Thank you.