How can I slow down my weight gain after my growth spurt?

Last updated on September 11, 2020


I have gone through my growth spurt and slimmed down. But I’ve started to eat a lot lately and in the tanner scale it says you won’t gain weight, but I am gaining, and I want to please know how I can slow it down.


I’m trying to figure out where you saw something that would indicate that you would not gain weight after your growth spurt. Weight gain does come in stage 4 due to the growth of muscles. Muscles are more dense than fat.

What you have to be concerned about is that you are eating enough to continue your growth without eating so much that you put on body fat. You can’t measure body fat merely by your weight. One way to estimate your body fat. See The Body Fat Estimator. If you are getting overweight, then you need to cut back on the quantity of food that you are eating.