How do I hide the fact that I have to wear an adult diaper at night because of surgeries?

Last updated on September 26, 2020


I had to have three hernia surgeries and because of that, I had to buy a pack of boy’s Goodnites. How do I deal with it while going camping this summer with some friends? One friend knows about it; in fact, he is the one who asked if I wanted to go camping with him and another buddy. I said yes, but I’m worried that if I have to share a tent with them, how I will be able to change into my Goodnites without his buddy finding out? Do you think I would be safe to pull it out and put it on in my sleeping bag with all of us in the same tent, or do you think they will notice when I pull it out and make fun of me?  


Sorry to hear you have been having so many problems. How long do the doctors think it will be before you regain full control of your bladder?

The better way to handle the situation is to act nonchalant about the whole matter.  Just say that you’ve recently had three operations and that a side effect has been a loss of bladder control at night. They might ask how long and just tell them. I would suggest just putting them on, just as you would normally dress for the night. If someone teases, just smile and say, “Yes, it is annoying.” And go on as if it doesn’t bother you.

What I suspect you will find is that both of them will be sympathetic and sorry for you. They might light heartily tease you, but more to say, “I’m cool with this. I won’t let it bother me. We can still be friends.”