How do I stop myself from having a sexual attraction to guys?

Last updated on October 9, 2020


Hello there,

I recently discovered this website because I have been questioning my sexuality. Ever since I was in middle school I have been viewing gay pornography because I was curious about what it was. Now it is sometimes difficult for me to talk to straight guys at times. I know that being a homosexual is morally wrong and I need help, if possible.

My first question is: How do I stop myself from having sexual attractions to guys? My second question: How do I stop myself from being aroused around guys? My last question: How do I keep myself from feeling like I can’t socialize with guys.

Thank you so much if you answer my question!


As you noted, it is pornography that led you into a desire for homosexuality, so the first step out is to stop watching all pornography. See A Look at Pornography. What you will find is that by not flooding your mind with images of corrupt sex, you will naturally shift over time back to male-female ideas of sex.

I suspect that a part of your difficulty in socializing is that pornography taught you to look at people as potential sex objects. You have difficulty seeing others as people with personalities, characters, and interests. Here I would like to give you a challenge: Think of something you would honestly like to know, and even if you could find out on your own, ask another person your question. Be prepared to ask a few additional questions that will get a deeper answer. For example, ask someone if they plan to go on to college, which college they picked and why they picked that particular college. As you get to know people, socializing becomes easier.