How do I stop obsessing about my penis size?

Last updated on October 4, 2020



I have a few questions about penis size and penis obsession.

First of all, I know that men who use penis enlargers such as penis pumps and such already are well endowed; however, how do the companies that sell those products make testimonial videos of success stories and actually visually show increased results when people say that you can’t enlarge your penis?

Second, I really struggle with my penis size and obsessing over it as well as other guy’s penises. I know that my penis is average-sized (close to 6 inches in length and 4 inches in girth), but for some reason, I still desire a bigger penis. I find myself obsessing over checking out the size of other guy’s penises and wanting to know what their penis looks like. How can I fix this? I do not want to be gay, but for some reason, I keep wanting to check out these guys.


There will always be people who are quite happy to relieve you of your money. It can be from the local fast food restaurant: Why is it that what you buy never looks as good as the ads? (Hint: Because the ads are designed to enhance the product.) Or it can be from a con artist who takes advantage of your desires to line his pocket.

How come the guy looks bigger? You already know your penis inflates by blood being pumped into its chambers. All a penis pump does is pull a greater amount of blood into the penis. The bigger size lasts all of one erection. Others are down with simple camera angles (what is closer to the camera looks bigger) or editing the picture. This is something glamor magazines do all the time with their pictures to make people look “perfect.”

People have a strong tendency to focus on the physical. We get it in our heads that some physical attribute makes a person better. For instance, is the guy with the bigger muscles stronger? Generally, we may say, “Yes,” but having done Tae Kwon Do for years, I know that oftentimes the guy with bigger muscles is slower. I also know that size of muscles doesn’t make up for lack of technique.

Therefore, ask yourself a more important question: What does the amount a guy stuffs into his underwear tell you about a guy? Does it tell you how manly he is? Does it tell you how strong he is? How sexy he is? The real answer is that size tells you nothing about a guy.

My guess is that you’ve been watching pornography where the size of body parts is depicted as how sexually desirable someone is. It is all fake and has nothing to do with real life.