How do you talk with your parents about puberty?

Last updated on September 21, 2020


I feel sort of embarrassed talking about puberty with my parents and that’s why I’ve never brought it up, do you have any suggestions to make it less awkward? I’m 17 years old, and I have Asperger’s Syndrome if that matters.

Thank you!


I have good friends who have Asperger’s, so I understand the difficulties you have at times. But in this case, it doesn’t make much of a difference. The fact of the matter is that it is difficult to talk about intimate personal issues with people you know and see all the time. Everyone has this problem. While you struggle with issues, or even whether something should be considered an issue, at the same time you don’t want people around you to think of those issues every time they see you.

There will be times that personal issues have to be talked about. When that happens, one way to make it easier is to write to your parents. This saves you from looking embarrassed, saves them from looking embarrassed, and gives both of you the chance to think about your answers.

If it is general information you need, you can mention to your dad that you would like to go over a book on growing up with him. The two of you can use the book that is on this site. The questions at the end of each chapter are there to get conversations going about various issues in growing up.

Of course, one of the reasons I have a web site and take questions and answers is because I’ve learned that boys find it easier to ask someone they don’t know, yet whom they are confident will give them a straight and accurate answer. Sometimes I can help you formulate how to talk to your parents about a subject that is bothering you. I answer all questions personally.