How long do I have until I reach stage 4?


I had a little growth spurt when I was 11 back in the fall of 2021 (maybe 2 inches) then growth paused until the summer of 2022 and I grew 4 inches since then. I got Tanner stage 3.8. How long do I have until stage 4?


It is a bit hard for me to answer this because you have to remember that I can’t see you. Generally, we don’t count growth as a growth spurt unless your rate of growth is more than 2 inches in a year. I’m gathering that you grew two inches fairly quickly in the fall of 2021 and that was on top of the growth you had prior to that time. Then there was a pause until the following summer when you put on four inches fairly quickly. The second would definitely put you in stage 3.

Each stage runs roughly two years, so that means you have roughly six months before you reach stage 4.

Keep in mind that since the calculator is based on your own observations, it is not absolutely precise. My personal aim is to have it give answers within 0.3 of the correct stage when accurate information is given to it.