How long women can go without masturbation as compared to men?

Last updated on September 20, 2022



How long women can go without masturbation as compared to men? How do their sexual fluids get released in the absence of masturbation or sex?


You are making a common mistake of assuming that a woman’s body operates exactly like a man’s body or at least similarly.

Men produce semen in the seminal vesicles. The glands can only store so much semen before the older semen needs to be released to make room for fresher semen. As the seminal vesicles get full, a man’s desire for sex rises until he ejaculates, and then it settles back down to start the cycle over again.

Women don’t have any glands to produce sexual fluids equivalent to the semen men produce. Men do produce pre-ejaculate fluid from their Cowper’s glands when they are strongly aroused. But these glands don’t store the fluid. They just produce it on demand. Women also produce a lubricating fluid but it comes from the lining of their vagina and not a single gland. That lining also produces the fluid on demand and doesn’t store it.

Thus, women don’t have a physical need to masturbate. If a woman engages in masturbation, it is solely for the pleasurable feelings that it brings and the release of hormones. Many women never bother to masturbate. The opposite is true for men. The physical drive due to the build-up of semen causes almost every man to experiment at some point with masturbation to get relief. They also get pleasurable feelings from it and it releases hormones that cause relaxation. But the root drive is a need for physical relief.


Thank you so much sir for the information. You are a true mentor to me. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have known these facts.