How many years do I have left for growth?



I want to know how tall I’m going to be and how many years do I have left for growth.

I would like to start off by saying I’m a male who is currently 13 years old (African). I have a lot of leg and arm hair, a faint sideburn, hair on my upper lip, and armpit hair. I would say the first sign of puberty began when I was 10 ( I’m not sure) when I had a lot of public hair. When I was 11, my voice started to crack, I could ejaculate, and I had a growth spurt of 4 inches making me 5’2 by the time I was 12. I was 12, I started growing a mustache.

I am 5’4 and from the calculator, it says I’m at Tanner stage 4.5. My mom’s height is 5’2 and my dad’s height is 5’5.

A list of my growth:

10: 4’9
11: 4’10 (grew 4 inches)
12: 5’2
13.5: 5’4



Since you had lots of pubic hair at age 10 and grew rapidly at age 11, you were in stage 3 during those years. That means that puberty probably started around age 8, but you didn’t take notice of the early changes. Your growth has been slowing down, so you have been in stage 4 while you were 12 and 13. This means you are very near the end of your growth in height and probably will stop growing taller in the next 6 months. That will mean that you probably won’t grow more than another half-inch during that time.