How much growth do I have left?

Last updated on August 7, 2023


How much growth do I have left?

I have a few questions because I am concerned about my growth I believe I started puberty around the age of 10 because when I was 11 I started getting pubic hair and ejaculated and around 10.5 I started getting erections more frequently, here is my growth rate over the years:

Age 8: 4’3
Age 9: 4’5
Age 10: 4’7.5
Age 11: 4’10.5
Age 12: 5’2.75
Age 13: 5’5

I am now 13 and 8 months but one year ago I was the same exact height at 12 and 8 months 5’2.75 because I had not grown for 6 months before that, I am now 5’6.25. Am I still in stage 3? And when did I start stage 3 if I got pubic hair and ejaculations at age 11 and my growth rate went back up to 3+ inches this past year? The doctor said I also was in the very early stages of puberty at 11. I scored tanner stage 3.7 and I do not have a happy trail and I have no pubic hair on my groin.


You were in stage 3 somewhere toward the end of age 10, through age 12. You grew about 7 to 9 inches during that period. If you are spending the usual 2 years in each stage, then you should be at the start of stage 4 now. Yet, the secondary signs are not here yet. The 1.5 inches you’ve grown this year matches that slower pace of growth.