How much hair on my inner thigh counts?


A question about my development: I have little pubic hair that is growing past my upper groin (at the top of the triangle). Should I answer the question about whether my pubic hair has spread to my inner thighs as true, although I’m in Tanner 4.2? Does having a little pubic hair past the triangle/groin mean I’m at Tanner Stage 5?


I was a bit confused by the wording of your question. I am assuming that you are starting to see pubic hairs growing at the top of your inner thighs. It will eventually spread to cover about a hand’s width of area at the top of your inner thighs. A few hairs right now would not be significant. However, when you can say there is definitely hair at the top of your inner thighs, that is one of several indications that you are nearing or at stage 5.

It is common for one set of changes in your body to get ahead or behind other changes in your body. That is why the calculator asks about several things and then weighs the answers to mark your progress. One sign (such as inner thigh hair) is an indication, but not the full answer.