How often should you ejaculate?


I am wondering how frequently you should ejaculate. I don’t want to be doing it unless it is needed to relieve excess semen, but I also have a hard time telling.


The frequency of ejaculations varies between men. It also changes as you get older. And for each man, it can change from week to week depending on the man’s testosterone levels that week and how often he finds himself aroused. All that said, the average young adult male ejaculates about twice a week. However, it can happen as often as once a day or as infrequently as once a month.

Many men in their later teenage years find themselves ejaculating a lot, sometimes even multiple times in a day. These spurts don’t usually last more than a week or two and then things calm back down.

Basically, you will have to judge for yourself how long you can wait. If you find yourself constantly thinking about sex and the temptation gets really strong to do something you know is wrong, such as look at pornography, then it is better to have an ejaculation. Don’t decide based on the frequency or strength of your erections, though it is true that you will tend to have more strong erections as your seminal vesicles get full.