How tall can I expect to be?



How tall am I expected to be?

I should be in Tanner stage 4 to 4.2. I am 17 years old. I didn’t grow in height for several months, though I think I was 176 cm exactly one year ago. A few months later, I was already 178 cm. I have since remained the same height. I have small chin hair and a fine mustache. I have armpit hair but they aren’t thick. I think my armpit hair started to grow after the age of 16, but I am not sure. When I was 15, I was 174 cm, then when I was 5 or 6 months into 15, I was 176 cm, so basically I grew 2 cm per year. I think I started puberty at the age of 13, my voice started to crack after my 13th birthday and I have ejaculated at that time. I also started to get a lot of acne. I should have had a growth spurt between 13-14. Since I just turned 14 I was 164 cm, but after 4-5 months I grew 7 cm so I grew from 171 (age 14) to 176 cm (age 15) in a year.


I had a hard time following what you wrote. You have to remember that I don’t see you and I didn’t experience what you experienced. There are certain markers that I look for that verify the information you tell me but I did find a consistent set. Here is what I gathered:

  1. (Height unknown.)You realized you were changing. You started ejaculating. You got acne. Voice cracked.
  2. Height 164 cm. You had your growth spurt, growing 7 cm in 5 months (a rate of 17 cm per year).
  3. Height 174 cm.
  4. Height 176 cm. Noticed having armpit hair
  5. Height 178 cm. Noticed facial hair

From this, I would say that you started changing (hit puberty) at age 11 but just didn’t realize it. From 13.5 to 15 you were in stage 3 (the rapid growth stage). From 15 to 17 you have been in stage 4. Rather than being at the start of stage 4, it sounds like you are near the end of 4 or more likely at the start of stage 5.

As I mention, I can’t verify that my conclusions are accurate, but if the timeline is correct, then I would not expect you to grow any more in height.