I feel that God doesn’t hear my prayers after I masturbate


I’ve read pretty much all of your material on masturbation so I can understand it.

I know that no man has to do it. I feel as if I’m one of the guys who never have many wet dreams. Before I obeyed the gospel of Christ I indulged in pornography and lust that included masturbation but I would not ejaculate.

Now that I have obeyed the gospel and given up my sinful life I have absolutely no desire to use porn or lust but I still need to ejaculate due to how the male body is made. I had to give up social media because the temptation was strong. I’ve only had 2 or 3 wet dreams in my life.

Recently I’ve been “ masturbating” to relieve myself. I don’t try to constantly seek a high from the feeling although it does bring brief pleasure. I don’t use porn or lust to masturbate. I usually get erect because of my tension and my penis rubs my underwear until it starts pumping out semen. I’m being blunt but I by no means am trying to be nasty while typing this.

Every time I ejaculate this way I feel as if God doesn’t hear my prayers and on Sunday I feel that I have added to His word by doing this. I don’t want to add to His word because in Revelation it says what happens to those who add to and take away. I also know that the male body has to ejaculate and that being overly righteous leads to destruction.

I don’t mean to bother you with this topic but it’s very important to me that I get guidance because I’m too ashamed to talk to family or others I know.


If I understand you correctly, you basically avoid masturbating for fear that it might be wrong. Eventually, semen builds up and your sexual arousal rises until you end up ejaculating in your underwear. I assume this is happening while you are in bed at night. If so, this is usually referred to as a wet dream or nocturnal emission even if you are aware of what is going on.

As you noted, this need to release semen is the way God designed the male body. Yet, you assume that because you ejaculated that you somehow sinned. You say, “you have added to His word.” In what way? You haven’t changed God’s teachings in any way by ejaculating.


Yes, you are understanding correctly. I will be awake before I even drift off to sleep and it will happen as I explained it.


Then these are wet dreams. It isn’t that God is against you. It is how God made you so that you can function properly. When this sort of thing happens and you are awake enough, just get up, rinse out your underwear and leave it someplace to dry overnight, wash yourself off with a damp washcloth, put on some dry underwear, and go back to sleep. In the morning you can put your old pair of underwear in the clothes bin to be washed.