I fell again, hard

Last updated on September 24, 2020


Hey Jeff, it’s me again.

I fell to the temptation yesterday, Jeff. When I fell, I fell hard. I went down a dark road. I repented and asked God to forgive me but I noticed something. I was left by myself at home (again). Then, the thoughts came. I honestly didn’t want to look at porn on my computer, but the devil tempted me to ‘seize the opportunity’ and I idiotically went along with it. Before I knew it, I was watching despicable acts of abuse in porn. After repenting once, I lost myself and did it again, and again. I hate to get all graphic, but that’s what I meant when I say I fell hard. I know that I should’ve had more self-control and ignored the multiple temptations in my mind. I could install a blocker, but I messed around and added malware to my computer while browsing for porn.

My question is… well not a question but more of an apology. I let you down too, Jeff. I’m sorry.


You didn’t let me down, you let yourself down. You are better than an animal and you know it, which is why you are so frustrated with yourself.

So pull your pants back up and let’s get back on the right track. First, there is no compromising with sin. Sin has no limits. Plus once you are sexually aroused, the part of your mind that controls moral judgment shuts down. You don’t think clearly and instinct takes over.

Get a good anti-virus for your computer. Once your computer is clean, get a web filter and install it — no more excuses.


Thanks, Jeff. I looked at the web filter’s details. The site will force me to stop looking at that stuff. Jeff, thanks. Your reply to me was firm but fair. Thanks for addressing me and treating me like an adult. I appreciate it.


I try to treat each person with respect and to the level of their understanding. You have entered the adult realm of being sexual, so in these matters, you have to understand your responsibility. If you can gain control of yourself now, you will be better equipped when the temptation to have sex hits you.

My job is to get you prepared, so you’ll make it to heaven. Therefore, you are welcome to contact me whenever you need help or just want to understand something better.