I get erections from seeing guys naked

Last updated on October 7, 2020


Good Day,

I wanted to ask a question about a personal issue I have recently been experiencing. Here goes:

I am a 15-year-old boy who gets an erection from seeing other guys naked. I know this is wrong so please can you help me.

I am also having homosexual dreams which don’t want to go away. (Today I experienced my third one this year).

When I was younger I looked up pictures of naked male celebrities. I now know this is a sin and am disgusted by my actions.

People at school tell me I’m gay. They don’t know that I’m experiencing these things. I wish they would stop.

I know being gay is a sin (I am a strong Christian) and my heart is telling me to reject these things, which I am doing. I would never date a guy and have felt emotionally attracted to girls before. I wish all these things would go away.

Please help me.


All an erection means is that your body believes that a situation has a sexual possibility. More often than not it is wrong, as demonstrated when you were a bit younger and getting random erections. Yes, you see the male body as attractive, but then there are certain flowers that you like, certain buildings that you like, etc. An attraction means nothing more than that it is a form you personally find appealing. Where things went off-track is when you started tying that attraction to sexual ideas by looking at naked men because it made you erect. Now it is hard to disconnect the two ideas. It doesn’t mean you are a homosexual or even that you want to be a homosexual.

Who you eventually marry and have sex with is determined by you mind, not your body. Your body really doesn’t care. It just wants to have sex, so it will go along with whatever you choose. Therefore, stop letting Satan pressure you, through kids at school, into thinking you are a sinner.

The dreams come because you get aroused while you sleep — every man does. Your brain then looks up things filed under “erotic” to supply a dream that goes along with what is happening. The problem, again, is that in the past you associated naked guys with sex and I suspect watched some homosexual pornography. That your brain brought up these images of the past is not surprising, but once again it has no real meaning since you can’t directly control your dreams.